Absolute Image Consulting is one of the only hair replacement centers in Atlanta that offers ULTRATESS II hair replacement therapy.  Click a link below for more information!

Hair progression, not hair extension.
Everyone knows what hair exten sions are. The hair extension process can do wonders. But hair exten- sion is more about hair lengthening than anything else. UltraTress 11 is different.

UltraTress II is more.
UltraTress 11 differs from hair extensions in the manner in which it is applied. That allows you to do more – and get more – from UltraTress 11 than from standard hair extension processes.

UltraTress 11 goes where needed.
Because UltraTress 11 has a different application method, it can be applied to areas of the head that ordinary extensions can’t. Such as high up on the temples. Even up to the anterior mid-scalp. That makes a big difference in what can be achieved.

How different?
The application process that enables UltraTress 11 to be placed where ordi nary extensions can’t allows for modi fications that go beyond lengthening. Thickness and volume that looks and feels utterly natural is easily achieved, So can fullness that starts at the top of the head and flows to any length you desire,

What’s your issue?
What would you like to most change about your hair? Thickness, volume, the way it falls, its length, its weight … ? Chances are, UltraTress 11 can help.

In style.
Why limit yourself by what you can do with your hair? With UltraTress 11, almost any style is possible. You’ll finally have options when you go in for a cut. Instead of settling for yesterday’s look because it’s the only one that works.

All you need is imagination.
Think of what you could look like with hair that you liked more than you hated, The kind of hair you always wanted to have, Hair that draws attention to you. Or away from fea tures you’re less than crazy about.

A little ultratress, a lot more.
Maybe you do have an idea what a little more UltraTress 11 can do. Or are starting to. Great, Let us fill in the blanks by showing you in person what UltraTress 11 can accomplish. We’ll give you all the details, including price. Give us a call to set up an appointment today. And let the beauty begin.

Ultratess II Treatment

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