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Absolute Image Consulting is an advanced hair replacement center in Atlanta, Georgia. Hair replacement is a true art and we are in the pursuit of perfection, with a near perfect track record, our years of research yield incredible results every time.

Whether you are just beginning to experience some hair loss or are in the most advanced stages of natural or medically related hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum programs for male and female hair loss treatments and solutions. Absolute Image Consulting only offers the newest and most effective technology available, check our coupons page for the latest special offer.

Real Atlanta Testimonials


Losing your hair or just want to keep the hair you have? With new advances in technology, you have legitimate options. Don't wait! Stop your hair loss now.

Hear From Atlanta Locals

  • I am SO happy I met the owner of Absolute Image at the bar a few months ago. She somehow convinced me that my hair situation was curable, and she couldn’t have been more right! 5 stars, would absolutely recommend her to any female suffering from hair loss in Atlanta. read more

    Pam M.
    Atlanta Hair Replacement Client
  • Losing my hair early in life was hard on me, physically and mentally. Thank God I saw an ad for Absolute Image, they changed my life! Quick and easy, a few appointments later and my hair is back. A+

    Alex R.
    Atlanta Hair Replacement Client
  • Being a gay man in Atlanta, I’ve always been extremely self-conscious about my hair loss. My mom actually recommended me to Absolute Image, and I’m so happy that she did. The treatment I got was so natural, no one has ever suspected I had a treatment done. Don’t waist your time with anyone else, Absolute Image is the real deal.

    Dave R.
    Hair Replacement Cllient
  • I’ve had a bald spot for years, and honestly I had come to peace with it. Through a friend I got hooked up with Shannon & Absolute Image Consulting, and after getting a free consultation she convinced me there was a real solution to my balding. Happy to report that she was RIGHT! I’m so proud of my new full head of hair, and after a dozen compliments I can safely say it was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. THANK YOU Absolute Image! read more

    Tiffany W.
    Atlanta Hair Replacement Client

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